Wednesday, 10 January 2018

New Beginnings

 It is Future Year 2018!

I have moved into a new area and am seeking out new life and new civilisations!  Or perhaps i'm just after a chance to roll some dice in a new wargaming club.

Thankfully, the closest club, the Newcastle Warlords, is only 15 minutes drive away.  Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k are popular there so I have dug out some neglected, amateur models from half a decade ago to give 40k a punt!

There's a lot of things wrong with these models - lots of mistakes in how they were put together.  However, the time when I would have stressed out about that has long since passed and I am going to do the minimum of fussing as I prepare and paint them.  I am trying new things as I haven't painted 28mm in years and what I did was for vastly different models such as Dark Age plastics for SAGA or Infinity Ariadna forces.

The picture above is the first finished "test model" of a Space Wolves Long Fang, a long range support model.  I'm still learning how to use transfers and get consistent colours on such large, smooth surfaces that armour like this offers.

I hope to be posting a lot more here than over the past few months where I got very little done.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

Perfect is the Enemy of Good

Sometimes I should just leave well enough alone.

A second attempt at spraying my LOTR chaps, this time with a pale grey, ended up with horrible "frosting" across much of them.  This was an attempt to "fix" the initial grey paint which I felt wouldn't stick as a primer.

So - a month of off and on paint stripping, regluing, rebasing etc. began.

However, whilst that's been going on, some packages have arrived and I have been busy prepping some new models.  A mix of Unreleased Miniatures models and Games Workshop ones now make up my army, with some bases from Dragon Forge and Micro Art Studios.  Now they are finally "ready", if unpainted, it feels good to say there is some visible progress!

I love the Kingdoms of Men generally and like the idea of allied forces from different regions. My main desire was for Fiefdoms with Minas Tirith allies. Frustratingly a lot of hero and even troop models are OOP so I've had to be patient on eBay.

I am hoping that with Games Workshop re-investing in Middle Earth as a setting in 2018 there will be opportunities for new models or re-releases of older ones as time goes on.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Autumn Beckons

Summer ended, not with a bang, but with a whimper!
I just realised that I haven't posted in a couple of months - mostly because I have ground to a halt, hobby-wise!  I got most of the way through an Empire Knight unit for Warmaster and thought it looked superb.  Here's the finished test strip with a coin for scale.

Alas, I burned myself out and felt I must do something different, having spent so long doing nothing but Warmaster.

Then an unfortunate thing happened - I got excited about another army and game system!

So I have been on eBay and on the GW webstore and have some lovely Lord of the Rings armies of Good - namely "Fiefdoms" and Gondor.  Essentially, Fiefdoms is a catch all for allies of Gondor - including all the things mentioned in the books that didn't even get a nod from Peter Jackson in the films.

I love the idea of having a pool of troops to make a small army or warband in a similar scale to a SAGA battle but with fantasy elements.  LOTR focuses less on units but rather each individual model and it's placement and luck in combat is important, with different elements able to support one another.

I splashed out on nice resin bases from Mico Art Studios and faffed about basing them and prepping them, then the first thing I did was make a huge cock up!

I went to undercoat them with this grey spray paint I got from GW.

Well, apparently, the non black and white colours that GW have are not actually primers like the ones from rival companies are.

They are still meant to be sprayed over primer.

So now I have 10 infantry and 6 cavalry which look OK to the naked eye but I'm googling and getting mixed answers from people who say it will peel and others saying it's fine.  After leaving it for a day the paint did not scrape off even when scratching my nail across it.  My current thinking is that - I can't be bothered properly stripping all these fellas, so I'll only strip the metal models as metal chips so easily.

Then I'm going to buy an Army Painter white and blast them all with that.  When I finish painting models I always paint on Vallejo Matt Varnish in a few coats, so I'm hoping that will be good enough to secure against my indiscretion.

Always read the fine print, kids!

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Warmaster: Dark Elf Witch Elves

I just realised that I'd not posted this one!

With this final Dark Elves unit, I can say that I have a finished ~2000 point Dark Elf army!

These are Witch Elves, a fragile "glass cannon" unit which will probably break themselves in combat but take at least one enemy unit out with them in a frenzy!

I should probably put all the Dark Elves out on my desk and take a photo to prove I've done it.


I've had a fallow month where I've not done much of anything wargame related but I got some energy back and have been preparing a Warmaster Empire army to paint, next.

First thing I've had a crack at is a strip of Empire Knights.

The entire Empire range is incredibly detailed - really wonderful models.  I wanted to avoid simply painting it all in gun metal so I've gone for a lot of detailed paint and alternating colours.  My general desire for the Empire force is that it will represent many orders or different regiments so will not be tied by a simple colour scheme like my previous forces.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Warmaster: Dark Elf Command

  Finally complete!  Warmaster Dark Elf Command!

  The original GW Dark Elf Warmaster Command blister is a slightly sorry affair compared with some of the others.  It contains a single sorceress figure with guards, a mounted hero with flag bearer and a little Cold One chariot.

  I disliked the chariot; too big for a hero, too small for a General stand, I felt.  My spare one is going to a friend in the gaming club who has had trouble sourcing Dark Elf figures.

  I scrabbled a spare sorceress and guards so that I could max out my command for 2000 points - 2 heroes and 2 magic users.  Even though Dark Elves are an "elite" army with a smaller number of more expensive units compared with some other armies, they suffer from a fatal flaw.  Namely, that if you roll a "blunder" on your command rolls (two sixes on 2D6), the hero responsible is either executed immediately or the General suffers a permanent penalty for the rest of the game!  The Dark Elves are ruthlessly inefficient, it seems.

  I am extremely proud of of these little figures. The cauldrons of blood that I put on the stands are in fact plastic Warhammer 40k scale Blood Angel Sanguinary Guard grails.  One from the plastic character clampack, the other from the generic upgrade sprue.  I chopped the hand out of the plastic and glued the top to the bottom.

  If you Google Image search "warmaster cauldron of blood" you will see top of the list, a couple of excellent fan models.  This one inspired me to use the first version of the Avatar of Khaine from Space Marine / Epic. And this one made me want to put the cauldron on top of a pile of bones - a piece from the Tomb Kings command blister. 

  I attempted something a bit different with the statue, attempting to paint it like black marble.  The results weren't spectacular, but I needed to differentiate it from the other models, so that people wouldn't assume it was an animate or giant character and not a statue.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Clip Studio Doodles

  A while ago I saw that Clip Studio was having one of its periodic sales so I bought it, installed it and mostly forgot about it.  I fired it up and thought it didn't quite have the immediate ease of use of Paint Tool Sai in terms of deploying its tools.

  This year I discovered that people sell large "Brush Packs" for art programs.  I had spent some Christmas money on some for Photoshop and then on some for Clip Studio.  Photoshop is a bit of a monster that my old computer groans a bit under so I let the license expire for it.  It didn't feel like something that natural to sketch in in any case.

  For Clip Studio I bought the Frenden super set.  I have barely explored the full range but I've found it an interesting experience.  It's been so long since I've drawn but I used the soft "pencil" brushes and then used "acrylic" to layer over the top, mimicing the way that I paint my gaming models in real life.

  These were doodles from imagination, without reference, to see if I could recall some basic anatomy and posing.

  I haven't had the confidence to really draw digitally in a long time.  I think this will be the program / tools which I use to get back into it.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Warmaster: Dark Elf General on Manticore

  I've had this one lurking in the wings for a while now!  Wasn't sure what colours to use, especially on the wings.  Bought a Vallejo "Hexed Lichen" paint as a dark purple basecoat to mix with black - then the GW paint "Genestealer Purple" to water down and layer on as a glaze on the "veins".  This didn't work quite as well as I hoped but the final result is good enough for tabletop, I feel.

   The Lion body I ended up using Vallejo Khaki on as a base.  Then I mixed in Vallejo Dark Sand to brighten it - again layering it on quite dilute to control it so that I kept the recesses dark where I had used an Agrax Earthshade wash.

  Very close to finishing the entire Dark Elf army now!  Only things left are a Witch Elves unit and four stands of command figures.  Very satisfying progress this year.

Saturday, 29 April 2017

EPIC: Grey Knights Test Stand

  After a dozen Warmaster units, my brain rankled at the thought of more.

  I tried putting Infinity and Blood Bowl on my desk but neither of them did the trick. 

  Then I dug out a bunch of EPIC models, most of which I'd bought years ago.

  Someone on the Tactical Command forum had sold me some rare Imperial Flyers for no more than they would have cost from Forge World when they were still available; on the condition that I painted them - as he had never gotten around to it!

  I washed, prepped and glued them to put alongside some Thunderhawks I've had lurking for years in a box and some Warhounds gathering dust on my bookshelf.

  The big challenge awaiting me is always painting something, especially something unfamiliar or at a different scale.  Warmaster, which I usually paint, is 10mm, whereas EPIC is a diminutive 6mm.

  These fellows are the result of me grabbing the nettle and concentrating on just one stand of troops as a test before doing any others.  As a guide I used the lovely Tale of Painters how-to for Grey Knights although, not painting them to that level of detail!

  The base is a fan-made resin cast that I thought would look more dynamic than the old plastic strip bases.  It looks good but it's easy to miss a bit on the undercoating or basecoating steps .

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Warmaster: Dark Riders

Forgot to upload these!

With these three Dark Rider units complete I have almost finished my entire Dark Elf army for Warmaster.  All that remains are command stands and a unit of Witch Elves to get to 2000 points.

I need to get a proper neutral background for taking photos as my Dad advised.  Even adjusting values here in GIMP makes things seem washed out or very grey.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Warmaster: Dark Elf Cavalry

I have something to show off, hurrah!

I'm up to 9 painted units so far this year, now!  All three of my Cold One Cavalry units and the first Dark Rider unit for my Dark Elves!

I have a new camera that I am getting used to - the colours seem a bit washed out.  I tried fixing it in GIMP but I might need to play with the settings next time around.
 Next up I have my remaining three Dark Rider units which I am batch painting after I think the test unit went so well.